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Ever wondered how "Foodies With A Cutie" came to be? Well, let me spill the beans...

Back in the Queen City, I kicked off "The Deje'a Talk Show" podcast, chatting about success, struggles, and all the good stuff with public figures. As this talk show grew, I got hungry for more—literally! "Food Friday" became a thing, where I'd try out local eats every week.


But one day a week wasn't enough. So, I took a break, did some behind-the-scenes work, and now, I'm all pumped up to showcase the best local grub on my socials. The dream? To see "Foodies With A Cutie" on big networks like Netflix, OWN, and Food Network.

In the past year, I've spiced up Channel 12 News, rocked 101.1 The Wiz every Friday, and sprinkled flavor on KISS 107.FM. I've teamed up with cool folks like Kroger, Partake Foods, Buffalo Wings & Rings, and Kings Island. And let's not forget the 50K follower giveaway with Balboa's Pizza – it was a blast!

Now, my journey has even more flavor. You can sip on "The Cutie" at Wing Champ and "Cutie Cocktail" at Bugatti's Ultra Lounge. With a mouthwatering track record and a love for local eats, my adventure is just getting started.


Oh, and the sweetest part? "Foodies With A Cutie" has gathered over 120K friends on my socials! I'm not just sharing tasty tips—I'm guiding you to your next delicious adventure, supporting new spots, and making sure you enjoy every single bite. Cheers to good eats and good times! 🍔🥂

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