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Dive into Cutie's Universe using "Cutie's Foodie Finder", the ultimate map / guide for foodies and cuties in search of great local restaurants. Cutie's Foodie Finder makes it easy to find the best date night spots, black owned eats, sushi destinations, celebratory-worthy restaurants, late night eats, brunch spots, and more. Cutie created the Foodie Finder to help others discover amazing food, and we're committed to constantly updating it with new and exciting finds. Try it today and discover your new favorite restaurant!

Cutie's Foodie Finder

Indulge in a carnivore's paradise at these prime steakhouses in Prime Cut Paradise! From melt-in-your-mouth filets to hearty ribeye's, these spots are a cut above the rest. Brace yourself for a symphony of sizzling flavors and unparalleled dining elegance that will have you saying, 'Well-done!'

Sink your teeth into burger bliss at these sizzling burger spots on Burger Boulevard! From classic beef to daring gourmet creations, these joints serve up patties worth a standing ovation. Get ready to flip for these flavorful delights, where every bite is a passport to burger paradise!

Untitled (Logo) (27).png

Prepare to ignite the spark at these enchanting romantic date night restaurants in Cupids Corner! These spots set the stage for a love-struck evening. Savor every bite, bask in the intimate atmosphere, and let the magic of these places weave unforgettable moments for you and your special someone!

Dynamite District is where you'll find all of Cutie's local favorites that are simply 'The Bomb'! From sizzling burgers to tantalizing sushi, these spots are pure dynamite in flavor and quality. Get ready to explore and discover the explosive tastes that make Cutie's list of top-notch local eats!

Prime Cut Paradise

Discover the plantastic vegan delights in Vegan-Verse! Lettuce lead you to the greenest, leanest, and meanest vegan spots in town. Get ready to turnip the veggie vibes and embark on a journey to find the ultimate plant-powered paradise!

Unearth the grand feast havens in Celebration Central, fit for cake-cutting anniversaries, candle-blowing birthdays, or tassel-turning graduations! Let's scout the spots that whip up celebrations like a culinary symphony. Get set to dine and shine at these festive-fabulous restaurants!

Discover egg-citing breakfast havens on Waffle Way! Let's toast to finding the sunny-side-up spots that flip pancakes, dish out avo-cuddle toasts, and pour happiness in mimosa-filled glasses. Get ready to sip, munch & enjoy breakfast at these yolk-tastic local joints!

Reel in the 'fin'-tastic seafood joints in Lobster Lagoon! Let's 'shell'-ebrate the places that 'crab' your attention with 'shrimply' delicious dishes. Get ready to 'sea'food differently and dive into the best catch of the day at these incredible local spots

Untitled (Logo) (32).png
Untitled (Logo).png

Bring your furry friends along for a feast at these pet-friendly restaurants in the Furry Friends Zone! From delicious bites to welcoming patios, these spots cater to both you and your four-legged pals. Get ready to dine in style while your pet enjoys the paw-fect outing by your side!

Untitled design (6).png

Prepare for a soulful feast at these spots serving up comforting soul food in Comfortville! From juicy fried chicken or fish to biscuits to greens to velvety mac 'n' cheese, these places dish out flavors that hug your taste buds. Get ready to savor a meal that feeds not just your hunger but also your soul!

Untitled design (9).png

"Sip, swirl, and savor at these divine spots in the Zinfandel Zone, where wine tasting takes center stage! From robust reds to crisp whites, these places offer a grape escape for every palate. Get ready to raise a glass and discover a world of flavors that'll have you toasting to delightful moments at these wine-tastic joints!"

Untitled (Logo) (17).png

Time for a fabulous girls' night out at these spots in Cutie's Locale! From chic cocktails to scrumptious bites, these places are primed for laughter and unforgettable moments. Grab your squad / boss friends glam up, and let the good times roll at these perfect girls' night out hotspots!

Untitled design (1).png

Discover flavor-packed bites at these bar food hotspots at the "Bar Bite Bay"! From crispy wings to loaded nachos, these spots serve up delicious munchies, perfect for pairing with your favorite drinks. Dive into a relaxed atmosphere and savor every tasty treat that'll have you raising a toast to great bar food!

Untitled (Logo) (6).png

Experience flavors to-go at these convenient carryout spots in the Carryout Cove! From delicious meals to satisfy any craving to quick bites perfect for a snack attack, these spots offer the perfect grab-and-go options. Get set to enjoy restaurant-quality meals in the comfort of your own home!

Untitled (Logo) (28).png

Hit the streets for a taste adventure with these Food Trucks in Rolling Ridge! From savory bites to sweet treats, these food trucks bring the culinary world to your fingertips. Get ready to chase down mouthwatering meals on wheels.


Perk up your day at these cozy coffee havens in Brewtopia! From aromatic espressos to creamy lattes, these spots are brewing up a storm of delightful flavors. Get ready to sip, chat, and unwind in the inviting ambiance of these coffee shops—where every cup tells a story and every moment is a blend of warmth and cheer!

Discover the 'night owl' hotspots open past midnight in "Night Fall City"! Let's unveil the places that keep the lights on while others count sheep. Get set to 'moonwalk' to these 'after-hours' gems for a 'midnight snack attack'!

Uncover the 'soup-er' satisfying Ramen and Hotpot spots on Ramen Road ! Get ready to 'noodle' your way through tantalizing bowls of steaming goodness and dip into 'broth-tastic' adventures. These local joints will 'bowl' you over with delight!

Go on a 'slice' of adventure at these 'dough-lightful' pizza spots in Pizzaville! From 'cheesy' classics to 'topping'-edge creations, get ready to 'crust' the perfect pie haven. It's time to 'pizza' your heart at these 'saucy' and creatively crafted local joints that promise a slice of heaven!

Step into the ultimate Food & Fun spots while you're in Foodie Funville! These spots serve up more than just scrumptious bites and delightful drinks – they're the real 'game-changers'. it's not just a meal – it's a full-on fun adventure!

Untitled (Logo) (5).png

Step into the freshest flavors at New Vista showcasing newly opened restaurants, serving up culinary magic that's still sizzling from the oven! From inventive dishes to trend-setting cuisines, these spots are the hot topic of the town. Be among the first to savor their innovative offerings and be part of their flavorful journey from day one!

Untitled (Logo) (7).png

Get ready to 'fork' out for an upscale feast at these Fine Dining spots in the Fine Dining Estates! With swanky vibes and menus that are the real 'deals,' these places turn dining into a high-class adventure. It's time to 'meat' luxury head-on and 'dish' out the good times at these fancy-pants joints!

Untitled design (3).png

Prepare for a taste of Italy right in your neighborhood at these Italian food havens in Linguiniverse! From classic pastas to wood-fired pizzas, these spots serve up amore on a plate. Get ready to mangia through a delicious journey of flavors that'll have you saying, 'Bellissimo!'

Untitled (Logo) (1).png

Get ready for a flavor fiesta at these Mexican food spots in Salsa Springs! From classic tacos to authentic enchiladas, birria, fajitas  and delicious margaritas, these places serve up a feast packed with taste. Brace yourself for a delicious adventure that'll have you exclaiming, 'Delicious!'

Black Owned.png

Discover a world of flavor and support at these vibrant black-owned restaurants in Melanin Metropolis! From soulful comfort food to innovative culinary creations, these spots serve up more than just delicious dishes – they're a celebration of culture, passion, and community. 

Untitled (Logo) (12).png

Dig into delicious deals at these wallet-friendly restaurants at Saver's Square! From tasty bites to hearty meals, these spots serve up savory satisfaction without breaking the bank. Get ready to feast without a financial fuss and savor every bite without emptying your pockets!

Untitled (Logo) (11).png

Prepare to be 'leaf-struck' by the sensational salads spots in Greenery Gardens! From vibrant veggie bowls to creative greens galore, these places redefine the salad game. Get set to 'lettuce' show you a whole new world of fresh flavors and crunchy delights that'll have you saying, 'That's one 'lettuce' you won't forget!'

Untitled (Logo) (15).png

Get set for a flavorful trip to China right in your neighborhood at these Chinese food havens at the Panda Plaza! From mouthwatering dim sum to savory stir-fries, these spots dish out an array of delicious flavors. Get ready to dive into a tasty adventure that'll leave you craving 'wonton' more!

Untitled (Logo) (13).png

Get ready to spice up your taste buds at these Caribbean restaurants in The Caribbean Islands! From jerk chicken to oxtails, to flavorful curries, these spots bring the island vibes to your plate. Brace yourself for a flavorful journey that'll transport you to the tropics with every bite!

Untitled (Logo) (16).png

Prepare for a double delight at these restaurants at the Shisha Shores, where great food meets  hookah! From flavorful dishes to flavorful clouds, these spots offer a fusion of taste and relaxation. Get set to savor a meal and unwind in style with a side of soothing shisha at these flavorful joints.


Fuel up with a burst of freshness at these smoothie and juice bars in the Fruitful Fields! From vibrant blends to refreshing sips, these spots serve up a rainbow of flavors. Get ready to sip, savor, and revitalize with every deliciously healthy gulp at these fruity refueling stations!

Get ready to savor smoky perfection at these barbecue havens in Smokeyville! From tender ribs to mouthwatering brisket, these spots bring the flavor with every grill and smoke. Prepare for a finger-licking, lip-smacking feast that'll have you craving 'cue every day!

Untitled (Logo) (25).png

Indulge your sweet tooth at these delightful dessert havens and bakeries on Dessert Drive! From cakes to cookies, to flaky pastries, Dessert Drive is paradise for every dessert lover. Get ready to treat yourself to a sugar rush and explore a world of sweet delights that'll make every bite a moment of pure bliss!

Untitled (Logo) (24).png

Transport your taste buds at these Mediterranean  restaurants at Oliveopolis! From savory souvlaki to creamy tzatziki, these spots serve up a symphony of authentic flavors. Get ready to savor every bite of Greece's culinary treasures and experience the zest of the Aegean right on your plate!

Untitled (Logo) (26).png

Raise a glass to craft at these vibrant breweries on Brewery Lane! From hoppy IPAs to smooth stouts, these spots pour out a symphony of flavors. Get ready to savor each brew, immerse yourself in the art of beer-making, and tap into the unique flavors of these bustling beer havens!

Untitled (Logo) (20).png

Satisfy your cravings for stacked sensations at these deli and sandwich spots in the Deli District! From classic pastrami on rye to inventive gourmet creations, these spots layer on the flavor. Get ready to bite into delicious bites of deli delight and embark on a sandwich journey that's stacked with taste!

Tacos & Margaritas.png

"Prepare to 'guac and roll' your way through flavor-packed fiestas at these local taco spots in Tortilla Town! From classic carnitas to veggie-loaded delights, these joints serve up a fiesta for your taste buds. Brace yourself for a mouthwatering journey through authentic flavors that'll make every bite a 'mas-taco' experience!"


Explore a curated collection of top-tier sushi bars & restaurants on Wasabi Way, boasting the freshest fish and creative rolls. Get ready to indulge in the finest flavors and experience the artistry of sushi-making at these exceptional dining destinations!"

Happy Hour.png

Cheers unbeatable deals at the Happy Hour Hideout! Discover a lineup of spots offering the best happy hour specials in town, from discounted drinks to mouthwatering appetizers. Get ready to unwind and raise a glass to fantastic savings and delightful moments at these happy hour hotspots!

Get ready to wing it in Wing Wonderland, where flavor takes flight! These Wing Spots offer everything  From smoked to saucy, fried to fire-kissed, these spots serve up wing sensations for every craving. Dive into a world of finger-licking goodness and savor the variety of wing styles that'll have you soaring with taste!

Chef's Corner.png

Get ready to elevate your dining experience with Chef's Corner, where a curated selection of local culinary talents awaits to delight your palate. Each chef brings their unique flair and expertise to the table.  our roster of chefs has something special in store for every occasion. Let Chef's Corner transform your next event into an unforgettable culinary adventure!

Cupcake Caraseoul .png

Satisfy your sweet cravings at Cupcake Carousel, home to the city's best cupcakes! From classic favorites to creative delights, each cupcake is a flavorful masterpiece. Step into our bakery and indulge in a carousel of sweetness that will leave you craving more!

Cocktail Commons.png

Discover the city's top bars and cocktail lounges at Cocktail Commons! From cozy hideaways to chic rooftop spots, each venue offers a unique drinking experience. Toast to unforgettable nights out with expertly crafted cocktails and local brews. Join us as we explore the vibrant cocktail scene together!

Catering Companies.png

Discover Catering Connections, your curated list of local catering companies. From weddings to corporate events, each caterer offers gourmet dishes and impeccable service to make your occasion unforgettable. Find the perfect fit for your next event with Catering Connections!


Welcome to Cookie Cove, where the sweet aroma of freshly baked cookies fills the air and sugary delights await at every turn! From classic chocolate chip to whimsical creations, each bite is a journey of flavor and fun. Join us on a cookie adventure and let your taste buds dance with delight in our sugary wonderland!

Queens Quarters.png

Dive into a delicious adventure as you explore a vibrant lineup of  female-owned eateries, cafes, and culinary ventures. From tantalizing treats to savory delights, each stop along Queen's Quarts is a celebration of female creativity and culinary prowess. Join us in raising a toast to the queens of cuisine and let the flavor-filled fun begin!

Brunchin' Bliss.png

Dive into a world of brunch vibes and indulge in delicious dishes that will make your taste buds sing. From fluffy pancakes to savory eggs benedict, our curated collection of eateries promises to elevate your brunch experience to new heights. Join us for a morning of food, fun, and endless bliss!

Heritage Hills.png

Heritage Hills, where time-honored businesses with over 50 years of experience stand tall. Discover iconic establishments that have stood the test of time, each one a testament to tradition, quality, and enduring legacy. Join us in celebrating the rich heritage of these long-standing businesses and experience a piece of history in every visit.

Gluten Free (1).png

Explore the Gluten/Allergen-Free Haven, your guide to local spots serving up delicious options without the worries in Allergen Acres! From celiac-friendly treats to allergy-conscious menus, these places cater to special dietary needs without compromising on taste. 

Rooftop Bars.png

This is your high-altitude guide to the best local rooftop bars and restaurants with sky-high vibes in Rooftop City! From panoramic views to chic atmospheres, these spots elevate your dining experience. Get ready to dine, sip, and soak in the skyline at these top-tier rooftop destinations in your city

Untitled (Logo) (30).png

Discover a selection of dishes and cocktails starring as "Cutie's Specials," in Cutie's Cove paying homage to the head honcho herself, Cutie, CEO of Foodies With A Cutie! Feast on these delightful treats curated by the boss, sprinkled with love and a dash of personality in this category

Untitled (Logo) (31).png

The melting pot of flavors in our Miscellaneous Marvels! Here, you'll uncover an eclectic mix of restaurants offering everything from global cuisines to unique dining experiences. Explore this diverse lineup where every spot is a surprise and every dish is a delicious adventure waiting to be savored!

Veggie Valley (1).png

Dive into a garden of eateries offering vegetarian-friendly menu items. From fresh salads to hearty veggie burgers and flavorful stir-fries. Whether you're a dedicated vegetarian or simply looking to add more greens to your plate, join us in exploring the delicious world of Veggie Valley!

Intellect Inn.png

Discover a curated collection of establishments ideal for business meetings, study sessions, and quiet reading. Whether you're seeking a serene space to brainstorm with colleagues or a cozy corner to dive into your favorite book, Intellect Inn offers the ambiance and amenities to fuel your intellect. 

Step into our inviting hut and experience the sizzling delights of hibachi cuisine. From mouthwatering meats and fresh vegetables grilled to perfection before your eyes to the mesmerizing display of culinary skill by our talented chefs, every visit to the Hibachi Hut is a feast for the senses.

Explore a curated collection of establishments that proudly consider themselves hidden gems in the city. From cozy cafes with secret garden seating to tucked-away boutiques showcasing local artisans, Gem City is your guide to discovering the undiscovered.

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