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Chef Jay understood the assignment when it comes to his menu at his restaurant Big Jays Place!

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Not everyone can say they know how make a meal from scratch that actually tastes delicious but Chef Jay definitely understood the assignment when it comes to his menu at his restaurant Big Jays Place. I made a stop at Big Jays Place earlier this week and all I can say is “WOW” i was completely blown away with every single entrée I tried. Not only was the food out of this world, but the customer service was also unmatched! Let me give you a better look at the deliciousness I got to experience during my visit at Big Jays Place!

I started off by trying their signature Rasta Pasta which is a jerk chicken Alfredo made with jerk chicken, broccoli and peppers. The very first bite i took was everything, the pasta was so creamy and the consistency was perfect i tasted every bit of flavor! Everything was perfectly seasoned and made to perfection, if i ever want Rasta pasta, Big Jays Place is exactly where I’d get it from.

I also tried their salmon plate smothered in jerk sauce served on top of cilantro rice with cabbage. I know it sounds like I’m repeating myself but goodness. It was amazing. The cabbage still had a little crunch to it which was so delicious and perfect and the salmon was so fresh you’d think it got caught that morning!

Next, I tried their loaded mashed potatoes it was loaded with cheese, chives, peppers, Turkey bacon and chipotle ranch. When i say this is literally the best loaded mashed potatoes I’ve ever had in my life. There are no words to explain how flavorsome each bite was.

Next entrée i had was the soul food plate including jerk chicken wings, cilantro rice, Mac & cheese and collard greens with Turkey sausage. Once again i was blown away with how perfect all of the flavors collided with each. If you need an appetizing home cooked meal, this is the exact entrée I’d recommend!

The last entrée I tried was curry chicken it was flat out mouthwatering. If you want to know how it taste, Just go see for itself because the food at Big Jays Place is just delicious and worth the trip!!

Even with all of these entrees, your girl couldn’t forget to taste a dessert. Honey when I say this southern style pound cake and sweet potato pound cake was DELICIOUS! It was literally made with heart and soul! All in all, my experience at Big Jays Place was flawless. Chef Jay did amazing with his establishment and menu! There is something on the menu that EVERYONE can enjoy, he even has plant based options for nearly every menu item! And just when I thought the menu couldn't get any better, Chef Jay dropped a bomb on me "We have Oxtail Fridays until we sell out". I was so disappointed in that moment because it was only Tuesday. I'll definitely be back to taste the Oxtail Entrée! There’s only one way to find out if Big Jays Place is as good as I explained , go see for yourself! Your taste buds won’t lie to you. Stop by and see chef Jay at Big Jays Place. You will see exactly what Chef Jay means when he says this is "Where food, culture and art collide"!

Get 10% off Rasta Pasta or Soul Food Plate using promo code: FoodiesWithACutie at the time of your visit Have you tried Big Jays Place? How was your experience? Big Jays Place 930 Hempstead Dr. Cincinnati, Ohio 45231 Tuesday - Friday 11AM- 6:30PM

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