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Create a dozen homemade cookies at Davis Cookie Collection

Did you know you can create your own dozen of custom cookies in just 3 simple steps?

I had the pleasure of visiting Cincinnati’s first create a dozen, Davis Cookie Collection located in Bond Hill, Cincinnati! The masterminds behind this unique local business are owners, Christina and Miles Davis. And boy oh boy it’s safe to say they took gourmet desserts to a whole new level!

From the moment I walked in I knew I would enjoy this visit in every aspect! I was welcomed with a warming acknowledgment from behind the counter, the cleanliness was out of this world, the inside was super cute & the the sweet-smelling of fresh baked homemade cookies immediately began calling my name!

I didn’t hesitate for a second to figure out exactly what i wanted, it was a must to try a dozen of custom fresh baked cookies!

Step 1. Choose your toppings

There were so many toppings to choose from so I got a little unique and chose 3 toppings, rainbow sprinkles, white chocolate chips and Oreos.

Step 2. Watch your cookies be prepped and baked within minutes

Watch your cookie dough get mixed with your toppings, sorted on the cookie tray, shaped & baked within minutes! This part was so exciting for me and I’m an adult! I can only imagine how cool this place is for kids who get to experience the create your own dozen!

Step 3. Enjoy!

Enjoy your dozen of freshly baked homemade cookies! The perfection of my cookies were out of this world, they were so warm and fluffy!

I also tried their signature banana pudding milkshake topped with whipped cream and vanilla wafers! It reminded me of my aunt Tracy’s famous banana pudding which is my favorite so this milkshake was definitely a hit on my foodie list!

Lastly I tried their new menu item, a fudge brownie ice cream crumble bowl! It’s vanilla bean ice cream topped with their delicious homemade brownie and chocolate! Not only does it sound amazing! But it tastes amazing!!!

Overall my entire visit did not disappoint in any way, shape or form! If you haven’t gotten the chance to experience this amazing local sweet shop then you’re missing out!

Davis Cookie Collection also offers the following

  • Vegan options

  • Cookie cakes

  • Create your own cookie class for children (ages 6-13)

  • Birthday parties

  • Merchandise

  • Ready to use cookie dough (4lbs, makes 73 cookies)

  • Catering

  • And more..

Get 10% OFF of create a dozen using promo code: FoodiesWithACutie at the time of your visit

Have you been to Davis Cookie Collection before? How was your experience?

Davis Cookie Collection

4926 Reading Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio 45237

Tues - Friday, 12pm - 7pm

Saturday, 1pm - 6pm

Sunday - Monday, CLOSED

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